7 days 'til we're cruisin' - c + d + a
Hi All!

Well, it hasn’t been easy to get back into the routine of work after such a nice break! Luckily, we will have another break soon. That’s right, we will be on the plane to Dallas in seven days! Yay! After our layover in Dallas we will be flying directly into San Juan, Puerto Rico. We’re ready!

So only one person at work noticed the ring on my finger. She of course just assumed I was engaged, but I set the record straight! No surprise to me that not one male noticed anything!

As for Chris, he said multiple females noticed. Not surprised, I guess it’s a girl thang. I’m sure they all went home and cried that he is now off the market for good! ;)

Well, I will leave you some pictures of Ari. Whenever Chris decides to “embrace” him, he always says. “Blog about this!!” He loves that little guy.
Just Chillin'

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