First off, I’d just like to point out how much I love it when you write an entire blog, and then accidentally delete it. It’s my favorite. It just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Chris and I spent our Memorial Day weekend preparing for our party! Our families have been helping out a lot too, and we are so grateful. Thank you!

On Monday we took Ari to Christa McAuliffe Park to play fetch. He did a good job and the weather was great, but was a little windy. After he was tuckered out, we walked over to Blue Oak and Camerado. We cannot believe that this will be Porter and Alex’s new stomping grounds. Chris enjoyed telling me and showing me where he and Jason used to play.

After our errands, we headed over to Tyler’s for a little barbecue. We always enjoy ourselves so much there because the people and food are amazing! We got to see Tyler’s adorable sister who is expecting! She and her husband are moving to Colorado (from Georgia) so he can train for the 2012 Olympics. He’s an all-star wrestler, as well as a Captain in the Army. It was great to spend the day with some true heroes!

Chris and I also got to go to Jason’s house on Tuesday to celebrate his new engagement to his fiancée, Amanda. It made us feel old that we just got married, and he just got engaged. I guess we are getting to that age. Yikes!

Well, here are some pictures of the dude at the park. I need a new camera!

Oh, also, check out the Honeymoon Page to see some details about our cruise!

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