I'm constantly reminded of our pending nuptials thanks to that silly couple across the pond that happens to be getting married on the same day! That's right, the Prime Minister declared a bank holiday on OUR wedding day. What a sweet gesture. Cheerio!

I remember one day Cindy and I were at Safeway (I think getting an ingredient for our failed attempt at making caramel) and there was a tabloid magazine depicting Prince William and what's-her-face (Kate? Catherine?) and some wedding shenanigan. Cindy stated that their wedding date was on Bobby's birthday. Hmm, ya don't say?

You see, we wanted to get married as close as possible to the date we were to set sail on our cruise. The weekend before the cruise is Mother's Day, so that was out. Oh, and any Saturday? Forget about it. They don't really offer elopements on the weekends at this particular venue.

We had to settle for a Friday, and the date happened to be April 29th. April 29th happens to be Chris' brother-in-law Bobby's THIRTIETH (hehe) birthday. I was a little hesitant, but then remembered that this is a family tradition!

Bobby and Cindy were married on Chris' Grandpa Davis' birthday.

Desi and Paul were married the day that Paul's cousin Melanie's (who happens to be Cindy's best friend...you still with me?) daughter Mekenzie was born.

And we will be married on Bobby's birthday!

Now, who is next to continue this trend? Come on, it's super fun!

Well, I have no clue what I'm doing. I am just so thankful we didn't have a "real" wedding because I am terrible at this whole bride thing!

It is April 19th, 2011, exactly TEN days before we tie the knot! About an hour ago, I decided I should probably start looking at invitations for our reception...hmm, ya think? As I was browsing through all of the wonderful creations on Etsy, I'd stop and show Chris and ask his opinion. He generally could care less, but if he doesn't like something he definitely lets me know.

We were trying to come up with a name for this site and the "header" for the site. I told Chris he couldn't tap my phone screen one more time until he helped me out (he is playing Angry Birds)! Our frontrunner was "fooledya" and it was actually available, but I thought that was a little evil.