Well, we finally bit the bullet and registered last night. We decided to go to Target since it is the closest store (that fit the bill) to our house. Going down ONE more exit to BBB? Forget about it!

I let Chris take full charge of the scanner. And no, this isn't the first time I've given him control over something ;)
I work in Asset Management, which, just like it sounds, means I manage assets. This means doing physical inventories of our company's assets multiple times a year, with a scanner.
Before we left for Napa, I did physical inventories for three days straight. The thought of scanning something for "fun" sounded like a cruel joke. I even had a nightmare in Napa that my colleague needed me to scan everything again. UGH!

Okay, dramatic side note over.

So registering went pretty good! We don't have too much patience for things like that, so we finished pretty quickly. We decided to call it a night and figured we could edit our registry later if need be.

Of course, we couldn't leave Target without spending $50. Can you? What is it about this store!?

Also, I sent out the invites today. I picked them up at Costco and thought I would take a one-hour lunch (rather than my usual half-hour) and knock them out. Wrong. I was so wrong!

It was quite the task addressing all of those. I might have bribed a few friends at work and even created a mini assembly line to get these done as quickly as possible. Henry Ford was onto something...

I apologize in advance for the terrible penmanship, but I assure you it is still better than Chris' ;)

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