Last Day!

I actually don’t have any pictures to document this day. I can tell you how it was spent, though. We decided to not head to the gym in the morning because it was too crowded on the first day at sea. We ate some breakfast, read our books, ate some lunch, napped, watched some movie, and then ate dinner! I think that’s how it went. There might have been another nap in there, somewhere.

I actually finished my book this day, so I wanted to buy the sequel on my kindle. Well, for some reason I wasn’t able to hook up to the Wi-Fi and the cruise staff was no help in this department. I was frustrated, but decided to just read another one in my library!

Oh, this day was also spent packing! Boo for that. That is worst part of a trip. No, scratch that, unpacking is!!

I also forgot to mention that throughout this trip, Chris and I played basketball almost every day. We have now played six games of Pig, and are tied three to three. I kept asking him if we could play some games of soccer but he was too chicken. We will have to settle our score sooner or later, with a game of Horse!