The End!

So sad to see this trip come to an end! Usually by the time vacations are over or close to over, I’m anxious to get home. This was the first trip I did not feel completely done with.

Despite me not being done with the trip, it was done with me! We headed to the airport where I still was not able to buy my new book, Catching Fire. Grrr!

Finally, when we made it to Dulles I was able to purchase the book. Yay! On the way home from Dulles we watched Country Strong. None of us enjoyed this movie. Chris finished his book on this flight, which was quite the feat for him!

Cindy picked us up from the airport and we were on our way home to see Ari. The next day was spent changing my name with social security and at the DMV (I took that Monday off work for this purpose). Can you believe I’ve already received both new cards? I actually received my new CDL on Friday, and we applied on a Monday!

Anyway, that had nothing to do with our actual trip. I will leave you with one picture from the airport in San Juan that sums up a Koupal’s life (even though I’m a Davis now it still sums up my life!).

preferably cream cheese :)