Meet Ari Gold

Have you seen Entourage? If you haven't, you need to.

Chris was covering a grave one night and was hard at work when the computer freakishly opened to the site for Amador County's Animal Shelter. How strange. How did the computer know we were in the market for a dog? Again, he was definitely hard at work, not browsing the web, when this occurred.

He sent me the link and asked if he could get the puppy. I looked at the time the e-mail was sent and it was around 2:00 am. Surely he was delusional! I responded and told him if he wanted to get the dog he could. It was a cute pup :)

Chris, Steve and Alex headed to the shelter, but unfortunately didn't come home with the dog. This particular dog didn't seem just right, so the search continued.

We scoured different county's Web sites that night and found a few prospects. Chris and his parents headed out the next morning determined to get a dog. Chris came upon Axel at their first stop, but still wanted to see some other dogs at another shelter we'd seen online just to be sure.

Well, it was fate that Axel was to be ours because the second shelter turned out to be lame and Chris went back to the original to pick him up! Thank goodness he was still there. They headed home with the new pup in the back of the car, where Axel decided to show his thanks by tossing his cookies! Poor, car-sick dog! Thankfully Chris put a tarp down under him so there wasn't a huge mess.

We changed Axel's name to Ari because we are his parents and we can do whatever we want. We have had our dog's name picked out for a while now, and it was going to be Ari Gold even if he was a she! Kid's names are a different story...

I call Ari "Artimus" and "Arti." Chris calls Ari "Albuterol" or "Arbute-bute." I fear what our future children's nicknames will be, though it will likely be better than what we currently refer to them as ;)

Ari enjoys walks, runs, chewing things he's not supposed to (he's particularly fond of Christmas lights), tooting (stinky!) and running through screen doors. He also enjoys playing with his girlfriend Dakota (#2) and his big cousin Otto!
Ari's first girlfriend! This is Dakota (#2), Tyler's sweet little girl