Yup, we Eloped!

On April 29th, 2011, we tied the knot at Brix Restaurant in Yountville, CA. We had four very special guests in attendance, our parents. We were so happy they could ditch their busy lives of napping and babysitting and fit us in their schedules, last minute ;)

I'm sure people will probably want to know how we came about the decision to elope. Well, back when my sister got married, my Daddy told me that I should elope. He said that one day I should just go and get hitched so he didn't have to go through giving another daughter away! He is such a softie. So, I took his advice and made it very clear to Chris that that is what I wanted (not right then and there...down the road). He wasn't always on board, but he slowly came around.

One day we were discussing a possible vacation to Florida with his family. We decided we wouldn't be able to swing it, but Steve and Debbie brought up the idea of going on a cruise in early-mid 2011 instead. We were immediately on board. We went home that night and talked about it some more, then we said, "Hmm, should we just get married before then and make that our honeymoon? YUP!" And so it began!

Check out www.koupspics.com for the pictures my dad took!!