Ring Shopping and Meeting Rev. Blane

We knew we needed to go ring shopping, but we were kind of dreading this experience. As with dresses, I changed my mind a million times regarding the ring I wanted. Finally, as Darin and I were looking for rings for someone else (Kelsey!), she came across one I loved, and Chris did too!

Chris and I rarely have days off together, and it turned out that the only day we could guarantee we'd have off together before April 29th was New Year's Eve. We called up Derco (thanks, Tyler!) and made our appointment.

Another thing we had to check off our list that required a day off together was meeting with the Reverend who was to marry us. We drove down for a morning appointment with Rev. Blane who Chris and I found so entertaining, and we shared with him that we were heading to the city to get our rings. He insisted we take the Ferry in, and that Chris should try to make this day as romantic as possible for us. Chris romantic? Ha!

Side note: Steve and Debbie called us RIGHT as we were heading into the Rev's house. We got a little anxious, and we told them we were at Starbucks :)
Heading to Napa!
There were Hot Air Balloons everywhere! We really want to do this some day. We took this picture in the parking lot of a dog park. Chris told me to remember where this dog park was so we could bring our puppy back someday.
We left Napa and headed for the Ferry Terminal. Thank goodness for Droids! We split a sandwich (Chris ate my bread) and were on our way! I was getting so excited.
When we arrived in San Francisco, we decided to walk to Derco instead of hailing a cab. It was about a mile or two, but we wanted to walk the route because we wanted to see how long it would take to walk to ATT Park. It was definitely doable and we hope to be able to go to a game soon! The trusty Droid led us right to Derco...

We told the sales associate we were there to look at engagement rings and wedding bands. Yes, we were planning on purchasing all three rings that day because when else were we going to have the time to?

I think she showed us two or three rings before finding one that matched the picture I brought with me, and we loved it straight away. She then brought out some solitaires for us to see, and walked away for a second. I grabbed the little tray of solitaires, thinking there was a slip cover (Is that what they're called? From biology?) on them, but nope. The diamonds went flying. We nervously looked around and thankfully no one noticed. We waited patiently for the associates return, with my hands on my lap ;)

So we picked my rings and the solitaire, then it was Chris' turn. We went through every. single. tray. until he found the one he liked. It took longer to pick his than it did to pick mine! I think I might have called him Trent!

After some wheeling and dealing (yay us!) we headed to the little Mexican restaurant for a snack while Derco sized my rings and set the solitaire. We split some carne asada nachos and a side order of rice, naturally.

By this time the building was closing due to a private party for NYE, but the guards recognized us and let us sneak back in. Our rings were ready and I could not wait to put that puppy on my finger! We called for a cab and waited outside the building to be picked up. I could not stop staring at my new bling! Chris told me to put it away because he feared we were going to get mugged. Chris took a little nappy on the Ferry ride back to our car and I had to stay awake to babysit our new purchases!
Keeping up with Rev Blane's recommendation of a romantic evening, we hit up Arby's on our way back. Is that ghetto, white trash, or other? Oh, but we also went to DQ in Davis for some mini blizzards. Delish! And we capped off the night with stopping by our new home so I could wear my ring just a little longer before I had to take it off when we got back to my parents :(

Every girl does this; right?